M1 Innovation Immersion Program
Powered by Startup-O

Startup culture is changing the way corporations do business!

Startups move faster and with less constraints than large companies, launching many  simultaneous experiments, new demographic segments and non-traditional marketing tactics. Startup founders are also aware that their initial ideas are meant to pivot to survive and gain traction, and that many of their experiments will fail. Iterating again and again is the only way for them to find a path to success.

Hence, startups are a great medium to assimilate new mindsets and methodologies quickly into our current work practices.

That's why M1 decided to take the lead on innovative practices, in collaboration with the entrepreneurs at Startup-O, by creating a program immersing its internal creative leaders into some of the most promising startups in Singapore.

Our pilot will focus on solutions for the digital marketing team, before hopefully spreading to the rest of the organisation (and most likely all of Singapore). Stay tuned!

Program Curriculum

Discover Phase (Till March 9th)
1. Startup-O engage the M1 leadership to understand the high level business challenges
2. Startup-O runs a workshop with Segment manager to extract tangible insights from business challenges, consolidate and organise the data and reframe the insights into problem statements, validated by M1 Leadership
3. Startup-O sources and assess startups against validated problem statements
4. M1 Leadership provides Startup-O with the list of champions participating to the program and validate the list of startups to be invited to the immersion program.
5. M1 engage and select within the validated startups those who will participate to the program. Startup-O and M1 match startups with champions.

Define Phase (March 12- March 17)
1. Champions are formally briefed by Startup-O with an emphasis on the benefits of this program for them, the fantastic and unique learning experience it represents for their career, while also the experimental aspect of it, making it impossible to fail for the champions. Champions are presented with the curriculum and weekly program, reporting platform, detail of the desired outputs and the startup they have been assigned. They are also invited to do some light research on their startup.
2. Kick off sprint - Collective activity @ M1
During a session run at M1 and facilitated by Startup-O, champions & startups dive into each other’s realities and define the job to be done together. Champion identifies relevant experts within M1.

Immersion of startups in M1 world.

Champions & startups dive into each other’s realities and define the job to be done together (problem definition).Startups deepdive in M1 world, infrastructure & framework of M1, assess the current state and their capacity to deliver.

Methodology: Discovery & Assessment | Template 1 (Corporate)

Business Output:
- Understanding of the M1 Context
- Discovery of systematic approach to problem solving (for the champions takeaways)

- Building a vision
- Articulating the context and challenges clearly to external stakeholders

- Moonshot Vision
- KPIs- Internal Experts/stakeholders needed

April 29th, 2020

Immersion of champion at the startup

Immersion of champion at the startup. Champions deep dive into the startup solution, review use cases and explore the product vision. They assess the solution's potential vs M1 needs.

Methodology: Discovery & Assessment Template 2 (Startup)

Business Output:
Startup assessment

- Assessing the potential of a startup VS defined challenge

- Summary of key aspects of the startup: solution, benefits, tech & execution

May 6th 2020

Champions secure their presence (physical or remote) for Week 4

Startups & champions prototype a solution and refine the list of M1 stakeholders & experts needed to build it. Champions secure their presence (remotely) for Week 4.

Methodology: Prototyping Guide

Business Output:
- First raw solution prototype  (paper/wireframe/workflow)

- Design a low fidelity prototype (paper sketch or wireframe)
- Build an idea around user need and value proposition

- Low fidelity prototype
- Idea summary

May 13th, 2020

World Café @ M1

Expert interviews - Startups and champions present their prototype to internal stakeholders and experts to test assumptions, uncover insights and collect input. They refine their prototype upon inputs (guided)

Methodology: Digital interviews of internal stakeholders + Feedback collection guide

Business Output:
- Internal inputs to improve the ideas
- Internal buy-in


- Collect feedback to iterate and mature an idea

- Inputs from internal experts & stakeholders to improve relevance of the idea

May 20th, 2020

Startup and champions design a PoC(s) and prepare their pitch to the leadership.

- Iteration
- Proof of concept

Business Output:
- V2 of prototype(Optional)
- Proof of concept

- Improve prototype from feedback
- Understand how to develop "Proofs of Concepts"

- Reviewed idea resume & prototype (V2)
- tangible validations of the idea relevance (PoC)

May 27th, 2020

Demo Day @ M1

Startups & champions pitch M1 leadership together. The relevant solutions are selected for a test with precise KPIs & timeline.

- Leadership pre-briefing.
- Session facilitated by Startup-O

Business Output:
- List of PoC to be launched

- Pitching like a startup

- Pitches
- Final prototypes
- Proofs of concepts
- Solutions selected for live testing

June 3rd, 2020